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Amateur Film

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This community is designed for people who like amateur film and also for people who just want to learn about it!

I’m lost! What is amateur filming?

Amateur filming or back yard filming would probably not be considered the most popular leisure activity. Although it isn’t popular, that does not render it stupid. If you’ve never made an amateur film you most definitely have no idea how entertaining it actually is. You may be saying, “But I can’t act.” The truth is; there is much more work involved in film other than the acting. A good film involves: directing, taping, costume and make-up design, writing, special effects, editing, and many other aspects. Amateur film is a great way to have fun and actually accomplish something that you and others can look back on. You should check out this community to learn what other people have to say about amateur film. Who knows, this could become your passion…

I already know what amateur filming is and I love it!

I’ll start by saying that it is awesome that you enjoy making films. This community would be great for you. You will hear other people’s ideas, be able to post your own experiences, and you may even meet local people that are also interested in film. Support amateur film and post a message!