Evil Angel (funshinebeargc) wrote in act_of_living,
Evil Angel

updates on our travelers

hey there everybody,

Jose and Shaun arrived safely in L.A! They have their first big meeting tomorrow at two thirty with george clooney's company, Smoke house Productions.......so keep your fingers and toes crossed boys and girls!!!

If you wanna help us from the comforts of your own homes, you can do so by checking out the Projects section of the Cruz Control Pictures website(www.cruzcontrolpictures.com) or go to YouTube(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G61dzzwoUgs) to view our pitch trailer to "Sabumnim."

"Spread the WORD" is today's phrase of the week on Sesame Street.

We need to show investors that there IS an audience out there for this movie and we need to do it by WORD OF MOUTH. Leave some comments (comments are IMPORTANT it only takes 5 mintues to create a YouTube account) on either Youtube or Myspace (on the Cruz Control Page, http://www.myspace.com/cruzcontolpictures). Investors need to hear your voices in order for this to get funded.

Peace & Love....Cruz Control Pictures
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