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Audition Advice Appreciated

Hi all! This is my first time posting here ... I don't really have too much experience, but a burning desire to act since I can remember (when I was growing up I used to say I'd either end up in movies and music ... my life took me the music route and now I'm a professional cellist, but the desire to act has only stewed and gotten stronger over time).

To cut to the chase, I'll be auditioning in a couple weeks for a non-paid, low-key single scenes opportunity. I feel it's a perfect chance for me to get my feet wet in the realm of acting. I'm waiting to hear what's expected on the audition, but I get the feeling a monologue is most likely a given.

Does anyone know where I can find free, but good, monologues? Unless I hear otherwise, I believe any genre will suffice.

Also, what does one usually wear to auditions? Are nice jeans/top okay, or should it be something a little more formal? I'm a classical cellist, so I know not to overdose on flashy jewelry and overpowering perfumes, but what kind of clothing is appropriate?

Any advice anyone can offer me is greatly appreciated! Although I've done numerous musical auditions that I've prepared for on my own, I've never done a theatrical audition, and I'd really like to leave a good impression. :-)

Thanks again, and enjoy life!

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